Faith is often described as a kind of spiritual journey, an active seeking after God or the ways of God.  Some people can describe a particular moment in their lives when they “found God.”  Others refer to their daily living of the faith as a “walk with God.”  Even the earliest followers of Jesus referred to the Christian faith as “The Way,” suggesting that faith is a matter of moving toward God, seeking God, following in God’s footsteps.

Faith indeed is a journey, but it is not only our journey.  The story from Luke’s gospel this week reminds us that God is on the move just as much as we are, and even when we find ourselves on a road that does not lead to God, there is always a road that leads God to us.

Luke reports that two unknown followers of Jesus – Cleopas and his companion – were walking back home after their amazing adventure of following Jesus had come to an abrupt end.  Jesus had been crucified.  His death had marked the end of their journey with him, so they were heading back home.   They had, apparently, missed Easter.  But on this road of loss and disappointment, the risen Jesus chooses to meet them.  The road that seemed to lead them away from God was the very road that led God directly to them.

Of the many roads we travel in our lives, as we search for God or for God knows what, we can expect that there is always a road by which God can find us.  Even when our faith is shaken and our connection with God is broken, God’s pursuit of us is relentless.  God is on the move as much as we are.  God will find us.

Rev. Mark