Stirred Not Shaken Kindle EditionOver the last few years I have heard from many of my readers about how my first two books, Testimony to the Exiles, and Stirred, Not Shaken, have been helpful in the everyday course of living out their faith.  Pastors and laity alike have reached out to me through email and phone calls to share specific stories about how a particular sermon spoke to them in meaningful ways, or challenged them to move on some personal issue, or led them through some difficult decision or experience.  Hearing those stories has reminded me that, even years after those books were first published by Chalice Press, they continue to be relevant and applicable today. 

Thanks to the prodding and assistance of a few close friends, I am excited to release my second book, Stirred, Not Shaken, as an e-book, available for purchase at Amazon at a significant discount off the original retail price of the print version.  This e-book, like the print version of the book, offers 19 sermons that touch on the themes of reconciliation, forgiveness, personal vocation, self-sacrifice, suffering, doubt, and relationships, among others.  I believe these themes are as relevant today as they were five years ago, and I am happy to make this collection available to those who seek Biblical guidance and direction along their faith journey. 

What I have heard, over and over again, from my readers is that these sermons are both challenging and hopeful.  They address the real, every day issues we face in life, and they speak to that part of us that desires to change ourselves and our world by God’s grace.   As you read this collection, I’d love to hear from you about how these sermons have helped you as you continue to walk the path of faith.

Rev. Mark