By Mark Feldmeir

Life After God

Available AUgust 22, 2023

The understanding of God that many Christians insist is so clear in the Bible makes faith seem like an all-or-nothing proposition. When much of that rigid projection seems in doubt, it’s not surprising that many people leave behind this take-it-or-leave-it religion. Pastor Mark Feldmeir offers an introduction to a God that many people weren’t aware existed—a mysterious, uncontainable, still-active God who loves and cares for real people with real problems. Life after God offers glimpses of the ineffable God, who can emerge when we forget what we think we’re supposed to believe about God and open us up to the mystery, wonder, and compelling love we crave.

“You see the beauty of God and you can’t say no. You see the suffering of the world and you can’t stop asking why. But how do you say yes and dare to ask why and still call it belief even as you doubt and sometimes despair over this beautiful life?  Over this broken world?  

You deconstruct.  Then you rebuild. 

And what is deconstructing and rebuilding again and again—but an act of faith?”

~ from, Life After God

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