A House Divided is an exploration of eight of the most divisive issues of our day:

    1. Climate change
    2. Racism
    3. Medical aid in dying
    4. Islamic extremism
    5. Healthcare
    6. Homosexuality
    7. Preventing suicide 

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Media release

“…a clarion call for critical thinking and critical action that are well grounded in and informed by faith.” – Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

“…Feldmeir creatively addresses some of our most divisive issues by building on agreed-upon principles, or axioms, in order to begin conversation that is both realistic and mutually compassionate.” – The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church and author of The Power of Love and the upcoming Love is the Way

Drawing on his experience pastoring a large, politically-diverse congregation, Mark Feldmeir offers a biblically-grounded approach to engaging and responding to today’s most divisive political issues.

In our current culture of conflict, we need a better way of relating to one another and responding to today’s controversial issues—a way that transcends political partisanship and emphasizes universal care, mutual concern, and the flourishing of the common good. Feldmeir suggests that the solution to our political entrenchment is a shared commitment to practicing a politics of compassion—the motivating, unifying ideals of the gospel that insist that we work together for the benefit of the common good.

In “A House Divided,” Feldmeir, pastor of a 3,500 persons, politically diverse United Methodist congregation, explores eight of the most divisive issues of our day—climate change, racism, immigration, healthcare, medical aid in dying, Islamic extremism, homosexuality, and social isolation and suicide—through the lens of “a politics of love,” seeking to identify those shared values that affirm our commonality and inspire a more creative and collaborative approach to finding practical solutions and healing our divisions.

  • Each chapter includes a study guide for small group conversations.
  • Video Series Curriculum for Small Groups available in August.