The Hospitality Project

The Hospitality ProjectThe Hospitality Project is rooted in the belief that if we can get to know the neighbors and strangers among us just a little better, our lives will be enriched, our neighborhoods will thrive, and God’s vision for the common good will be achieved. Because we scarcely know our neighbors and often fear the stranger, this call to practice Christian hospitality in our communities is more relevant than ever.

The Hospitality Project uses my book, You Need To Get Out More: Four Practices For Hospitable Living, as a starting point for conversations that lead to deeper discussion. It can be read and practiced on its own, or used in small groups. When used in small groups it is best accompanied by my free study guide that encourages and leads participants in discussing the four practices and how to put them into daily action.

The 30-page study guide is included free when you purchase a minimum order of 5 books. Contact me for details.


Hospitality in Your Life

For individuals, reading You Need To Get Out More is the first step in recognizing that the antidote to the isolation and hostility of our day is found in living the hospitable life. Each of the chapters includes hospitality apps—three to eight activities anyone can engage in.

Hospitality in Your Family

Friends and families can begin the journey together by drawing on their natural, supportive ties. By reading and making a conscious effort to practice the hospitality apps together, you will strengthen your relationships with one another and strengthen your shared commitment to making a difference in the world around you. To make this more affordable we sell a Friends and Family package of five books for $40 (plus tax and shipping).

Hospitality in Your Community

A church or other community group is an ideal framework for even larger impact. If you are a community leader—religious or otherwise—I invite you to contact me about using You Need To Get Out More as a resource for discussion and study in your community. Because this book is ideally suited for small groups and classes, I have written a companion study guide that is included free with a minimum purchase of 5 books for $40 (plus tax and shipping).

Staying in Touch

If you are interested in continuing the conversation and exploring new opportunities for practicing the hospitable life, consider subscribing to my mailing list by visiting I promise not to flood your mailbox with excessive email and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Share your experiences, inspirations and resources regarding your own adventures in hospitality. This is what keeps me, and others, striving to do better.

Get out!